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Floating for Chronic Pain Relief

Finding relief from your chronic pain can feel like a never-ending struggle filled with debilitating suffering that makes going about your day nearly impossible. You’re not alone — thousands of Canadians suffer from chronic pain caused by a wide range of disabilities and diseases. Medication might help but it’s not a fix-all for your pain.

A floating session is a simple and natural way to find relief from your chronic pain by allowing your body to relax, rejuvenate and begin to heal itself.

The float pod is filled with water containing over a thousand pounds of dissolved epsom salts which create a level of buoyancy that provides your body a break from the effects of gravity. The epsom salts also contain essential minerals like magnesium which are absorbed through your skin and dramatically increase blood flow throughout your entire body. Your muscles receive greater amounts of oxygen, pressure on your joints is minimized, and your mind begins to enter a theta brainwave state — one step before deep sleep, an optimal state for healing.

The benefits to your brain are magnified as all external stimuli are completely removed. No light and no sound can enter the pod which creates an ideal environment for your brain to turn its focus inward and greater communication between the left and right hemisphere occurs. Endorphins are released naturally, the stress hormone cortisol is reduced and relief from stress, anxiety and depression comes flooding in.


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