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Floating for Relief from Stress & Anxiety

One of the most important steps you can take to relieve symptoms caused by excessive stress and anxiety is to take time for yourself. Time in a float pod takes it a step further.

Just one hour where all outside stimulation including light and sound is cut off allows your body a chance to relax. A break from constant stimuli will provide immediate benefits to your mental and physical wellbeing and will over time compound to reduce chronic issues of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Thanks to the thousands of pounds of pharmaceutical-grade epsom salts contained in the water, the float pod provides a nearly weightless environment. This will help alleviate any fatigue on your muscles and joints and promote regeneration of muscles throughout your body.

Inhibiting the further production of the stress hormone cortisol starts with relaxation. Next the magnesium present in the salt boosts blood flow to all areas of your body which in turn helps increase the output of dopamine, a hormone essential to your current and longterm wellbeing.

Over time, the presence of such issues as migraine headaches, low blood pressure, hypertension, arthritis and depression should begin to subside.

Watch the full video below to see Dr. Justin Feinstein speak about the incredible studies he has conducted on the benefits of floating to reduce anxiety!


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