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Floating for Spa Enthusiasts

Your time in a spa should leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Your skin, hair, and body should feel better than ever. The elements that make a spa experience so beneficial are found in abundance at clear float spa, but a floating session has one thing more to add: Rejuvenation for the mind.

The water — heated to the same temperature as your body — contains thousands of pounds of high quality Epsom salts which not only create an extreme level of buoyancy for relief from the pressures of gravity, but are also absorbed into your skin. As the essential minerals like Magnesium present in the water enter your system, blood flow throughout your body will dramatically increase.

You’ll better process the toxins in your body, endorphins will pump naturally through your system, the stress hormone cortisol will be decreased, and your ability to create serotonin —  a critical mood regulator — will increase.

The internal benefits abound as sight and sound stimulation is completely reduced which creates an environment perfect for relaxation and for your mind to turn its focus inwards. As your blood flow is increased and your brain receives positive signals, new perspectives on your life and challenges emerge.

Of course, there are further benefits to your body thanks to the cleansing power of the Epsom salt infused water. Skin becomes softer and cleaner, hair less greasy and your muscles receive greater amounts of oxygen which helps them relax and recover. Think of it a massage that goes deeper than you thought possible.

In our magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) infused waters, muscles and skin are provided an optimal environment for regeneration and detoxification. Magnesium absorbed through the skin counteracts inflammation and provides a critical component for proper circulatory function and the elimination of toxins from the cells. Magnesium is also a critical building block of serotonin, a critical mood regulator.

Sulphates are particularly beneficial to the skin, both to protect (antibacterial and anti-fungal) and as a core component for the generation of collagen. After a Float Therapy session, skin will feel smooth and revitalized. The anti-gravity feeling created by Floatation Therapy also allows increased circulation as the blood no longer has to fight gravity. This allows muscles to receive more oxygen, leading to faster recovery, healing and a calm relaxed state similar to that of a massage… but this relaxation therapy is for your mind AND body.

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