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Floating while pregnant

Floating while pregnant is actually a great way to begin forming a deeper connection with your unborn child as the sensation of weightlessness you’ll experience is very close to the feeling of being inside a womb (which is why we find the pods so rejuvenating and familiar). Some mothers also report being able to hear their baby’s heartbeat and movements. 

A floating session during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of your pregnancy offers immense immediate and long-term benefits to both you and your baby. The weightless environment allows you to escape the added weight you’re carrying, helping to ease the strain on your spine, joints and throughout your body.

Moms who float will enjoy improved sleep cycles when they need the rest the most. And float pods help promote a general sense of well being which reduces the stress hormones in your system, on top of boosting blood flow and oxygen to your brain.

Floating while pregnant is also a great way to begin preparing yourself for the birth if you’re planning a water birth. 

It’s been said that happy and healthy babies begin in the womb. You can help get them started by promoting health in your own body before they’re even born.  It is safe to float anytime during the 2nd and 3rd trimester up until a few weeks before your due date.  Always consult your doctor prior to booking a float session.

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floating while pregnant

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