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Floating to Meditate

Meditation is one of the most rewarding and healing practices a person can undertake. The mental, emotional and physical benefits reaped from even short periods of meditation can be staggering. A floating session allows you to more easily and rapidly enter a meditative state by helping your body and mind deeply relax.  clear float spa offers a relaxing tranquil environment for you to experience meditation in Calgary

A common misconception about meditation is that it is challenging; however, floating can enable the average person to enter into a meditative state (theta brainwave state) with little to no experience or knowledge of meditation. In conjunction with the in-float guided meditations and binaural beats offered by clear float spa, it becomes even easier for people to experience a deep meditative state.

After a short time submerged in a float pod, your body will begin to absorb the essential minerals contained in the water and reach a point of extreme relaxation as the effects of gravity are no longer felt. Rejuvenation will come naturally, as will the ability to turn your focus inward. Many floaters reach a Theta brainwave state which is one step removed from deep sleep and is extremely conducive to meditation and introspection.

Meditation has a misconception that it is very challenging however the float pod naturally puts you into a meditative state.  Studies show that 90% of people that float 3 times in 3 weeks can achieve a natural theta brainwave state which is essentially a meditative state.  Book a float today to experience a deep meditation in Calgary.

Here is an excerpt from a short article by mind body green on floating and it’s link to meditation.

“Once you are comfortable with the sensation of floating (you may not reach this on your first time), you will gently ease into deeper and deeper levels of surrender and letting go. At some point, you will naturally lose track of time. You will slowly forget where you are, maybe even who you are. You will fall into your subconscious, but you will still be awake, allowing you to forge a connection with all of the power that resides there. The more times you go to the tank, the more you build and strengthen that bridge between your subconscious and conscious.”  See full article by clicking here.

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