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Floating for Business People

Business people, working professionals and business owners often find themselves under immense stress from the pressures of their everyday lives. You might be so focused on your work that you begin to neglect your two greatest tools for success: Your body and mind.

Instead of letting your routine wreak havoc on your immune system, cognitive functioning and overall wellness, you need to find a way to recharge and refresh so you can continue operating at your peak.

Float pods offer a number of direct benefits for business people. The pods are filled with over 1000 pounds of Epsom salts which create a level of buoyancy that allows your body relief from nearly 80% of the effects of gravity. This gives your muscles, joints and entire muscoskeletal system a chance to heal and relax while the essential minerals contained in the water are absorbed into your skin, in turn drastically improving blood flow throughout your body.

With greater oxygenation of the blood, your brain functioning is heightened while at the same time high levels of dopamin are released. The stress hormone cortisol is reduced, your mind becomes clear, at peace and focused on the moment, and you’re able to enjoy a break from the outside world in a pod that cuts off all sight and sound.

Even one 60 minute session in a float pod will help your body and mind rejuvenate, and the positive effects will compound with each floating session.



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