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For athletes exercise and training of all types puts pressures on our bodies above and beyond what we normally experience going about our lives — stress on our knees and joints, tearing muscles so they can repair and grow, strain on our spines.

These activities including cycling, running, and weight training offer obvious benefits to our physical and mental health, but what if you could not only increase the results of those activities but also recover much faster by simply floating.

A session in a float pod is an ideal activity for athletes to engage in.  As your floating session begins, your body will begin to naturally relax as nearly all of the effects of gravity are removed thanks to the extreme buoyancy created by the thousands of pounds of Epsom salts dissolved in the water. Your muscles and joints get to enjoy a break from strain while magnesium and other essential minerals are absorbed through your skin, aiding blood flow throughout your entire system.

Muscle regeneration, stress relief, and a period of time where your mind gets a break from sight and sound stimulation — allowing you to refocus before the next game, training session, or race —  are just some of the benefits you’ll immediately notice with a session in a float pod.

The increased circulation experienced inside the float pod leads to increased muscle recovery times, injury recovery times and increased ability to visualize future performance.

“I spend about and hour, hour and a half in the pods, probably once every two weeks or so. It helps you recharge and refresh and allows you to just be you and your thoughts for an hour, which is obviously hard to come by in our fast-paced society. It’s fun.” -Steph Curry NBA’s 2015 MVP of the year and super athlete

Below are a few videos showing why Steph Curry continues to use the float pod to enhance his performance on the court.




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