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Floating for Relief from Depression

Finding relief from depression can feel like an impossible task after years of being beaten down by your illness. Many people feel as though they can’t escape the symptoms and are left feeling hopeless about their future.

A session in a float pod can provide a break from the worst of your suffering that will over time develop into substantive changes in your state of mind, physical well-being and overall health.

Floating can help:

  • Cut off stimuli from the outside world
  • Ease the pressures of gravity on your body
  • Pull your focus away from the immediate present
  • Stimulate endorphin release
  • Instill a sense of greater well being

People suffering from depression can find relief beginning with their first session in a float pod and see the positive effects grow after every use. With repeated sessions you’ll begin to relax more easily, find a place in your mind where positive thinking comes naturally, allowing you to sleep deeply and initiate healing.

Click to learn more about floating to negative break patterns.


relief from depression

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