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Floating for Creatives

Tapping into the creative part of your brain, the mental state where your ideas come together and your talents allow them to be expressed, takes practice and concentration. But new research suggests theres a better way of unleashing your creativity.

Float pods provide a myriad of benefits to the body and mind. The environment of the pod is completely devoid of sight and sound stimulation and the thousands of pounds of epsom salts dissolved in the water allow your body to float naturally, removing nearly all the effects of gravity.

Your mind will begin to enter a theta brainwave state not long into your floating session.  Many creativity researchers believe entering this state rapidly increases activity in the right hemisphere of your brain (the creative side). Thomas Edison regularly utilized primitive techniques for entering a theta brainwave state in order to stimulate his mind and tap into his own genius.

If your career requires you to be creative in any way — if you’re a writer, musician, painter, marketer, business leader, or architect — a floating session will allow you to travel to a more lucid place in your mind, consider new perspectives on your challenges, improve visualization and overall cognitive function.


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