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Floating for Better Sleep

When floating for better sleep the first thing to know — something you’ve likely already considered if you’re reading this — is that sleep is absolutely critical to our overall health. Our bodies and minds can’t operate properly without sufficient sleep. Not enough downtime due to work or kids, too much stress, and poor conditions can all contribute to a deficiency in our rest.

The good news is that float pods are an excellent tool for remedying your rest issues. You can decrease your cortisol (stress hormone) levels, pump endorphins through your system, and better regulate your blood pressure and heart rate.

In fact, some people report feeling as though they’ve slept for three to four hours after a short session in a float pod. The environment you find yourself in during a floating session is ideal for extreme rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

First, as you ease into the water  — heated to the same temperature as your body — nearly all of the effects of gravity are reduced as you begin to float. Thousands of pounds of Epsom salts are dissolved in the water to create an extreme level of buoyancy in order to provide relief for your muscoskeletal system.

Next you’ll notice that with the removal of all sight and sound stimulation your mind is able to relax and turn its focus inward, allowing you to develop a tranquil perspective on whatever thoughts might be causing stress. Something not everyone knows about float pods is that during your session your mind will enter a theta brainwave state — one step removed from sleep.

This deep level of relaxation enjoyed when floating for better sleep is thanks to the magnesium absorbed into your skin through the water. It drastically improves blood flow throughout your entire system, from the tips of your fingers and toes to your brain and back.

Even if you don’t fall completely asleep during your floating session — something many people with sleep issues do — you’re sure to emerge far more rested and relaxed than before and you will also be prepared for a good nights sleep.  Many people report floating for up to 2.5 hours and then heading home and having the best sleep of their lives.  Learn more about floating to help with poor sleep or insomnia here.

floating for better sleep

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