Give the gift of stillness!

Your loved ones deserve lightness of mind and body.

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Gift a truly unique experience with a clear float spa gift certificate

Help your loved one cut back on the clutter in their life and their mind with a clear float spa gift certificate!

If you’re struggling to find the right gift for the person who either has everything, or you think could do with fewer things altogether, give them the gift of stillness, focus, relaxation and meditation that leave them with long-lasting benefits to their well being.

Give the gift of experiences, not things.

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The perfect gift for someone who

  • needs some stillness in their hectic lives
  • is impossible to buy for
  • could use a little less stress in their life
the gift of stillness

Why Float? Here are some important Benefits

Floating is for everyone!

Meditation is one of the most rewarding and healing practices a person can undertake. The mental, emotional and physical benefits reaped from even short periods of meditation can be staggering. A floating session allows you to more easily and rapidly enter a meditative state by helping your body and mind deeply…

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