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Floating for Relief from Post Tramatic Stress Disorder

People suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) know that the effects are felt for years and can compound over time, leaving your physical body and mind ravaged from stress and chronic pain.

Feeling hyper alert in anticipation of danger, your nervous system can become overloaded as your body is in a constant state of hypervigilance and sensory overload. Soon your immune system will begin to break down resulting in illnesses including bacterial infection, gastro-intestinal infection, chronic muscle and joint paint, and a host of other physical problems that can be avoided with proper treatment.

A floating session is a natural place to begin your PTSD recovery because it allows your body to naturally overcome the challenges it faces — with help from a few different features.

First, all sound and light is removed from the pod. This is an ideal environment for allowing your sympathetic nervous system a break from the ‘fight or flight’ impulses you’re constantly battling. Nothing from the outside world can bother you as your parasympathetic nervous system begins to take over allowing deep relaxation.

Next, the thousands of pounds of Epsom salts dissolved in the water create a level of buoyancy that allows your muscoskeletal system a break from the pressures of gravity (up to 80%). Your chronic muscle and joint pain will begin to ease and your body begins to recover. Essential minerals contained in the water — including high quality Magnesium — is absorbed into your bloodstream drastically increasing the flow of blood to your extremities and throughout your system.

But it’s your mind that receives the greatest benefits.

You need the tools and the space for overcoming a disorder that originates in the mind. Once your body has become sufficiently relaxed, the increased blood flow to your brain paired with reduced stimulation of your senses allows your focus to turn inwards as you enter a theta brainwave state — one step from sleep. Whether you choose to revisit the traumatic memory or simply spend your time peacefully floating and thinking of things that don’t bring you stress, you can develop new perspectives on your life.

Reportedly, the US Navy SEALS have invested in float pod research in order to help their over-stimulated and shell-shocked soldiers recover from training and combat.


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