How clear float spa came to be…

Founder Bryce Weeks speaks about how clear float spa came to be…Bryce

clear float spa was founded to create a community of people focused on the health of their mind, spirit and keeping things in perspective.  During my early exploration into meditation I did have friends to bounce ideas off but there was not a strong community to connect with and share experiences (outside of the yoga community).  There is a lot to learn about meditation, it is a never-ending journey and it’s great to have people to give you advice, tips or just encouragement to continue seeing where your mind can go when it calms completely.  Meditation and floating is about exploring yourself, your passions, your fears and then letting them drift away if only for a moment.  I truly felt this exploration was important for everybody to experience if only for a fleeting moment.  See my testimonial on floating for more about my meditation experiences and come back to our floating insights blog often to see many other experiences people have had floating or meditating.

Most of the core values instilled within the clear float spa team and our ambassadors were actually crystallized on a beach in Los Cerritos, Mexico (pictured above) while I was taking some time away to put things back in perspective, a few weeks prior I had decided to tell my boss to take a hike. I cannot say this is the way I wanted things to end but things had reached a tipping point… I had found my true passion.

clear float spa offers guided meditations, calming music or different lighting options for those just getting into the practice or complete silence and darkness if that is what your prefer.  If you don’t meditate and just want to relax for an hour without your phone, email or distractions we welcome that as well!  Our float pods can be fully customized however you want and we are excited to see how people will customize their experience!  In addition we offer memberships to encourage consistent practice so that we don’t get distracted by things that aren’t of true importance to us and lose focus on our commitment to ourselves.

The body has an incredible ability to heal if we allow it time to heal.  But when do we ever take the time to heal, from pain, from anxiety or trauma.  Everyone experiences it but nobody actually takes time off work, takes time out of their day to actually feel, experience and process those emotions any more.

At clear float spa we create the space for your mind and body to heal, relax, explore and take some time to just breathe…

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