The values of our clear float spa brand ambassadors

clear float spa brand ambassadors are mindful leaders in the community that represent the values that we practice daily.  All clear float spa ambassadors embrace our core values and teach us how to be a better brand, better community partner and show us how to make people happy, with intention.

The core values that we look for within our clear float spa team and brand ambassadors were actually crystallized on a beach in Los Cerritos, Mexico while taking time away to put things in perspective.  A few weeks prior I had decided to tell my boss to take a hike. I cannot say this is the way I wanted things to end but things had reached a tipping point… I had found my true passion… floating.  I believe that life can be lived simply and with passion but it is only ourselves that create the complications, insecurities and fears that create roadblocks to our success.

It is impossible to create a life, vision or business that boils down to 4 simple values but at the end of the day we all need things to focus on.  Throughout my experience here is what I feel makes sense to me as a person, a brand, a business, a human being and someone that genuinely wants to make make people happy and impact peoples lives.

If you live even one of the values listed below with true passion, I encourage you to apply.

We like to keep things simple and have a belief that less is more. Life should be simple and stress free.

We express our gratitude daily. To our friends, to our family, to the community and to strangers.

Feeling others experiences as if they were your own, without judgement so you can treat others as they should be treated with complete trust, kindness and presence.

Consistency leads to mastery. We keep our practice consistent whether it be floating, meditation, yoga, running or anything that may inspire us to be different (not better) than yesterday.

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