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My journey into meditation began 10 years ago…

I committed to my practice once a day for 20 minutes a day and felt I would do this until it was no longer fun or experiential.  I started off very slow using a technology called bi-neural beats which essentially tricks the mind into achieving a Theta brainwave state.  The way that bi-neural beats work is by tricking the brain into a meditative state.  A Theta brainwave state is a synchronized brain wave that oscillates between 4-7 HZ and what this bi-neural beats technology does is resonate two different frequencies between the left and right ear (let’s say for easiest explanation it sends 100 mz into the left ear and 105 into the right), the ever so intelligent brain then adapts to find a consistent pattern in the audio track.  Eventually with practice the brain naturally finds the balance between the two frequencies and finds the humm that resonates at 5 mz, which when put into practice delivers you into a deep Theta (meditative state) brain wave.

After two weeks of practice and no real profound insights or feelings I thought of giving up.  I decided to give it one more week.  A few more days was all I needed.  It was a fleeting one to two millisecond moment when I felt it… or at least I felt something.  I cannot describe it but it felt amazing.  It was a fleeting moment of “nothing”, it felt like a very tiny injection of bliss.  Yes, bliss a word not used often enough throughout our lives.  When that weird fleeting moment happened nothing would be the same…

I was now meditating for about an hour a day (30 minutes in the morning and 30 in the evening) and had some deep insights into who I am, who I’ve been and most importantly who I want to be.  After much practice I had experienced heightened levels of bliss, incredible calm and complete contentment.

After training my brain to constantly feel this heightened level of bliss once or twice a day I eventually started having troubles relating to the busy fast paced world we live in.  If I could achieve this incredible feeling sitting in a room by myself what was the point of money or success in my career?  After asking this question I began to lose the consistency of my meditation practice, every time I came close to this feeling of bliss I would get excited and reach for it.  This act of reaching for it would immediately bring me out of the present and into the future and thus out of my meditative state (reaching for an experience = not getting it in the world of meditation).  Once I slowed down this practice that I had been so passionate about, I became lost.  In this confusion I decided to go back to the corporate world and get to work… hard.  After this “letting go” process from meditation I saw my career take off, my soul suffering, my body working too much and my mind moving too fast.  I was making more money and seeing so-called “financial success” in my career but something was missing and I wasn’t any happier.  Years went by and I meditated as often as I could but it was no longer a consistent practice… it was something I did when I was feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed.

When I came across Floating I was so excited to try it and after only a few minutes in the float pod I was quickly back to that deep Theta meditative state that took years of dedicated practice to achieve.  I had finally found another technology to boost my passion for meditation again!  I have been floating frequently ever since and I encourage everyone to try floating or at least investigate the incredible technologies out there to assist with meditation and mindfulness.  Floating is the ideal way to commit to a practice of meditation, reflection and taking the time to put everything in perspective.  We can lose years wandering down the wrong path when all we needed was a few moments of stillness, focus and connection to allow our inner guidance to show us what we truly want.  Not what our parents want for you, your teacher wants for you, your best friend wants for your,  but what your true self wants for you…

I will often be around the spa so feel free to ask me any questions about bi-neural beats, meditation or even better share an experience of your own.  That’s what this community is all about.

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