Are you an introvert feeling like you need a break from constant external stimulation?

Or are you an extroverted person feeling like your need for external stimulation is getting in the way of developing a richer and more meditative inner life?

Introverts who float can gain a feeling of safety and security, and often enjoy the break from constant external inputs which they are usually hypersensitive to. Cut out the noise of other people and things and enjoy an environment free of distractions and disturbances. Sound refreshing?

Extroverts can develop greater internal sensitivity from floating. Typically, some people who identify as extroverts are always seeking extra stimulation, and paradoxically through depriving the senses the nervous system’s response is to “turn up the volume” to try and feel more. Since minimal input is coming in they are able to develop greater sensitivity to their internal reality.

Over time they may not feel the need to be constantly stimulated; i.e. it may heighten their “dulled” senses, and won’t need to be constantly stimulated.