If you sometimes find yourself struggling to get enough solitary time reserved only for thinking through whatever’s on your mind, don’t rely on aimless walks through the park or long nighttime drives. Float in a pod designed to cut out all outside distraction and grant your mind the mental space it needs, right in the city.

You’ll find that shortly after your floating session begins your body will begin to deeply relax and your complete attention will turn inward. The removal of outside stimuli makes periods of introspection much easier to attain in a float pod.

Maybe at first you

Maybe at first you’ll , but quickly the capacity to create new ways of thinking will be formed. And with every session in the pod, the repetition will help build



With literally zero outward distractions your attention is easily redirected inward. Habitual thought-pattern recognition and analysis can be clearly discovered, monitored, and addressed. Various forms of mental programming/reprogramming become very powerful tools to re-evaluate and change your thoughts with clarity and repetition.