Increased Left/Right Brain Communication

Increased Left/Right Brain Communication

Brain Synchronization

Finding a way to stimulate both the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere of your brain is an exercise in challenging your mind to think both creatively and logically at the same time. It doesn’t come naturally to most people but with a deeply rejuvenating session in a float pod, your body and your brain will be stimulated in a way that creates synchronization throughout all parts of your brain.

First your body will enjoy the benefits of reduced gravity as you settle into the water, allowing you to fully relax while magnesium and other essential minerals are absorbed through your skin and begin to rapidly increase blood flow to all your extremities — and to your brain. Next, the removal of all sight and sound stimuli helps your mental focus increase and turn inward.

This is when you’ll begin to notice the effects of having both sides of your brain synchronized. Creativity becomes heightened, different perspectives unfold and greater insights come naturally when you let the float pod do its work.

Managing stress, depression, emotion, and mental focus also become easier as the ‘lizard’ or primitive part of your brain, the Limbic System and your neocortex also come into alignment.