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Karleen Valencia

Karleen Valencia – clear float spa brand ambassador.

Whether she’s leading a class at the Sweat Lab, sweating alongside you around the city, keeping up on social media, or showing you the latest at Kit and Ace – Karleen thrives off of authentic connection, creativity, and a sense of community (…and maybe a little bit of fomo).

Karleen is passionate about Calgary and has always been fascinated and driven by the people that continually elevate the changing face of the city. As such, she looks for unique opportunities to collaborate or contribute in order to be apart of new, innovative experiences. In her down time, find her cool-hunting the latest hot spots around the city or indulging in great conversation over good eats.

Being involved in various projects alongside a regular teaching schedule, “balance” is a state Karleen often chases. Floating has afforded her the luxury of an hour of uninterrupted time — not only great to help repair an active body but has helped to re-centre an overstimulated mind. The practice of floating has helped to simplify the mental chatter that can arise, allowing her to experience life mindfully and to its fullest.

Karleen is honoured to be an ambassador for clear float spa and cannot wait to share the float love… she’s looking forward to connecting over tea in the Zen room.

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