The Importance of Floating as a Consistent Practice

Consistency is of such value to me that my float practice has slowly but steadily increased over the years, bringing with it enhanced positive benefits and effects just like any consistent, intentional practice tends to do.

I began my personal floating journey a couple years ago – starting out floating once every few months for the first year, then floating routinely once a month, to more recently making the personal and financial commitment of becoming a Theta member at clear float spa. I now float every second week, with my intention being to make floating a weekly practice.

With an open-mind, here now are some additional important benefits and thoughts to consider, that I feel, a consistent floating practice helps elicit:

1) Power of Consistency of an Intentional Practice

This leads onto the path towards mastery of the practice itself. With floating specifically, mastery of your Inner Self – your True Self – that powerful, beautiful force of cosmic energy inside of you just patiently waiting for your silence and stillness so it can communicate with you what you need to know in that moment. Ask questions and then listen carefully and patiently for this inner voice to respond – you’ll intuitively know it when you hear it with practice, trust it.

A fitting quote: “Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”.

2) Allows for Structured Time & Space for the Simplicity of Stillness

Everything and everyone seems to be vying for our attention these days – from your phone, emails, family/friends, work, internet, TV – I’ve heard it said that the most important currency today is literally our attention and how and where we spend it. The majority of these things actually take away our energy, whether we are aware of it at the time or not. Thus, we REQUIRE strategic ways in which to individually re-cultivate & re-collect this vital energy within ourselves – be it through floating, yoga, qigong, meditation, or a walk in nature – it is essential to our health and well-being that we structure time for ourselves to re-energize our body, mind and spirit.

3) Creates a Truly Unique Environment for Self-Connection & Self-Exploration

With time and practice spent in the tank, habitual, distracting, recurring “monkey mind” thoughts begin to subside. Combined with the dissolving effects of physical body sensations, this begins to clear a path and set the stage for deeper exploration and connection with yourself. Some questions/thought-experiments I’ve pondered while in the tank: “If I can no longer feel my body or my physical sensations, yet I feel truly present and aware in this moment, then who I really am can’t be my body – so who/what am I?”, “Why am I here now in this lifetime?”, “What is my purpose?”. Again, be open-minded to ask, listen, receive and accept the answers you may get, as these answers tend to always have your best interests at heart.

How do you practice and incorporate consistency in your daily life? What tips and tricks work best for you to remain consistent in what you value most in your life? How has the consistent practice of floating benefited you? We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this article in the Comments section below.

In Service and Gratitude,
Jason Fahlman – clear float spa member

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