Experiences from real people who love floating.


If you’ve never floated before, this is the place to try it out. The facility is brand new and it feels like a complete disconnect from the busy outside world. You can feel the passion and enthusiasm from the clear float spa team as they show you the ropes and make you feel totally at ease.

As someone who used to pride themselves on going a thousand miles a minute and staying constantly busy – I realized that I was mentally exhausted – it was hard to truly relax and turn off – even while on vacation!

Although I was initially skeptical, once you get over the first 10-15 minutes of initial discomfort with the quiet, your mind really has a chance to shut off. It helps that the pods have a meditation track that helps you unwind as well.

You know when you have a dozen programs running and 50 browser tabs open on your computer – and it runs frustratingly slow – then you reset it and it runs again like it’s supposed to? Floating is like that for your mind.

It’s like 8 hours of amazing restful sleep in one float. As a frequent traveler, it’s also awesome for helping with jet lag.

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