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Sally Powis-Campbell

Sally Powis-Campbell

Sally is pretty much a Calgarian… this farmer’s daughter moved from Southern Alberta back in 2001 and hasn’t looked back since!

This mompreneur of two littles is grateful every day for the opportunity to serve the Calgary community as a psychologist in private practice, meditation teacher, and kids/family yoga teacher. She’s just in the midst of launching a food experience company and writing two books as well! Her areas of specialization are mindful eating, mindful movement, nutrition psychology, sports psychology, and mindful living.

The psychologist knows first hand the power of breath, meditation, and mindfulness practices for reducing anxiety and depression symptoms as well as difficulties with attention and focus from a young age. Floating and a regular, consistent, meditation practice (including floating!) and lacing up her trail shoes to take time exploring nature regularly have completely shifted her life.

Of Clear Float Spa’s core values, they all resonate for Sally, but gratitude is a practice Sally holds near and dear in personal and professional life. From doing an eating meditation with her young children at the dinner table, taking a brief moment to talk about and express gratitude to all those involved in bringing food from the farm to the table… to training clients to have a gratitude practice in their own life, with emphasis on showing gratitude to their bodies and minds that carry them through each day, no matter what those days bring.

Sally Powis-Campbell values simplicity and connection in her life, looking beyond material goods to relationships with others. The simple connection of eye contact, hand on a shoulder, those are two of the most powerful yet simple ways to connect as members of this beautiful human species. She loves a good float to engage in the research-backed benefiting practice of sensory deprivation.

As a meditation coach and therapist, and mindfulness practitioner herself, Sally understands each and every meditation — and float — is a unique experience, and that quieting the mind can be difficult. Consistency is key. If you would like support, or to just simply connect over tea in the zen room post-float, reach out and we’ll make it happen my friend!

Happy floating!

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