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Katie Blundell

Almost always doing, always moving and sitting is a rare thing for this active Chiropractor!

Katie is a go go go person and between treating patients, coaching elite athletes, playing high level soccer or just full out adventuring; everything she does is to connect with others and help them elevate to their next level.

Katie values her down time immensely as it keeps her charged up and tuned in; to keep her at her best when serving others. Prioritizing self care and time to breathe is vital for Katie which led her to floating as a consistent practice.

“I truly believe floating is an important addition to your routine to empower yourself and THRIVE! It can help you grow in ways you never knew you could while finding deep stillness.” – Katie

The moment Katie walked into clear float spa she felt a sense of inner peace take over her.  From the soothing scents, to the kind-hearted staff and crystal blue saltwater Katie says she felt at home and like she found a community!

Katie feels that her time to disconnect at clear float spa keeps her grounded and centered with some much-needed Zen time all while allowing her to reconnect to what’s important. Float therapy has helped her grow spiritually, emotionally and physically and she is excited to share that same growth and experience with others!

Instagram account: @GutsToLive

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