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Kate Mak

Kate Mak is a Calgary born and raised member of the wonderful community that is Calgary.

After living what feels like different lifetimes as university student, an English teacher in Japan and a neuroscientist, Kate abandoned it all to pursue her love of yoga and has not looked back.

Yoga shifted and changed Kate’s life in helping to quiet down the chaos and madness that is life. The practice itself, a moving meditation, gave her the clarity to follow passion and heart as she continued to show up day after day onto the mat.

Kate Mak loves to float because of the parallels it has in the yoga practice in de-cluttering, simplifying and defining one’s true passions. She believes it is an elevated meditative experience that eases the sometimes tricky process of meditation in quieting the mind.

She teaches at several studios in Calgary and loves to be within the community as a Legacy Lululemon ambassador to give back and share what she loves with people in many events around the city.

Being in the company of like minded individuals bike riding on the beautiful paths of Calgary or sharing amazing food and conversation is one of her favourite things to do. If she’s not in Calgary, the self-proclaimed world citizen travels the globe to explore and learn more about herself and the world she lives in.  Travelling often for work Kate also uses the float tank as a tool to help with jetlag so she can teach while refreshed and focused at all times.

Kate is proud to be an ambassador for clear float spa as she not only believes the core values but lives them and excited to align with people who share the same ideals.  She is a leader in the community and brings a smile to everyone that crosses her path.

We are better together!

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