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Jilaine Beddoe

Floating for me in theory was an obvious yes, but in practice, it has far exceeded any expectation.  I am a very experiential person, I love trying something new especially if there is an element of unknown.  I went to my first yoga class over 10 years ago, and from that point it has been a place of constant growth and getting out of my comfort zone. Over the years I have found that I am most at home and comfortable when I am exploring the unseen, and getting the opportunity to feel things.

My family(Husband and 2 and a half year old Daughter) keep me on my toes, I love nothing more than spending a morning with them, going for a drive to the mountains and spending time under the sky, breathing in fresh open air.

I am the co-owner/teacher at Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates which has given me the opportunity to connect with so many different individuals, businesses, and events. Having the ability to run a conscious business in Calgary and join forces with other human beings who are committed to elevating our community is one of the most rewarding experiences.

It is the 60 mins in my day where I am alone, without distraction, and have the unique chance to close off the external, and dive inwards. A chance to bring me back to basics, and connect with myself through the encompassing practice of floating, and essentially meditating.

Honoured to be an Ambassador for my dear friend Bryce’s new undertaking, looking forward to supporting him to get our city floating. Thrilled to align with core values that I hold true to my own hearts passions, and bringing another layer of wellness to peoples lives.

See you post float, salty hair, blissed out smile, and warm tea to help transition you back to the world outside the float.

All ways love.


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