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Brad Spence

Calgary is home. It always has been, and it always will. Although Brad has spent his fair share of time hanging his hat in different time zones, his heart constantly draws him back to the magnetic community that we live in.

For 13 years, Brad chased winter around the globe. As a member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, he was constantly in search of the best training conditions and fiercest competition to continually push his personal boundaries as an athlete. Physical, mental, and emotional stress is part-and-parcel to being a professional athlete, and while sidelined with what many considered to be a career-ending injury, Brad discovered the powerful healing ability of meditation and stillness.

Now, as Founder of Creative Impact Health Foundation, Brad has created a legacy to support those living with brain trauma and to build awareness to reduce and prevent future brain injuries. The Foundation’s current initiative explores art therapy as a way to provide children battling adversity the opportunity to dream big and set positive, long-term goals. Collaborating with Olympic athletes and artists from the community, kids invasion and create inspirational stories that are told through athlete helmet designs.

In a World full of chaos, uncertainty, and the unknown, Brad turns to floating as a way to re-center his overly cluttered mind. It is during these times of profound relaxation – both mentally and physically – that Brad has had some of his biggest ‘a-ha’ moments that continually help shape his explorative journey.

In his spare time, Brad can be found trying to keep up with his chocolate pointer pup named Ellie, or in the mountains either on his skis or mountain bike.

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