How clean are our pods and facility?

Cleanliness is our number 1 priority at clear float spa and we take the health and safety of our members very seriously.

Our state of the art luxury float pods have the most sophisticated filtration system on the market meaning that absolutely no virus or bacteria can live in the pods.

Between each float the water is fully filtered 3 times with an industrial strength magnetic pump at a rate of 48 gallons per minute, passing through a 1 micron filter (class 1 filtration) and are FDA compliant with drinking water. In addition there are 2 UV bulbs that interact with a small dose of Hydrogen Peroxide in the water that work together to alter the DNA of any virus/bacteria inside the pod.  Then 6 ozone generators run post float that work to sterilize the air inside the pod.

If that wasn’t enough all floaters shower before entering the pods removing any outside bacteria from even entering the environment and the natural bacterial killing qualities of the 1000 pounds of Epson salt means that the water in the pods is the cleanest water you can imagine.

Staff disinfects the pod rooms and space daily as part of our opening and closing procedures and is constantly disinfecting throughout the day to ensure our place is free of any bacteria or viruses.

If you have any further questions about the cleanliness of our pods please email us at

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