The science behind why you should start floating!

From the moment clear float spa was a tiny idea I was very determined to focus on the science behind meditation and floating.  Floating has been around for over 60 years and hundreds of scientific studies have been conducted to verify scientifically the incredible healing effects of sensory deprivation.

The science behind floating:

For thousands of years, human beings have journeyed to locations such as the Dead Sea to experience the deep healing powers of floating.  Without the distractions of gravity, a profound connection to the self is experienced.  When you combine this anti-gravity experience with sensory deprivation or meditation, Float Therapy allows for an even deeper connection.

Clinical Float Therapy studies have grown significantly over the past two decades and the increasing studies show remarkable results.  In an ambient environment perfectly attuned to the body’s natural homeostatic state and gently cradled in warm, buoyant water, there is no need for muscular resistance against the forces of gravity. In a matter of moments, the body relaxes naturally into the support and comfort of the high density water.

The large amount of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt and the zero gravity environment is powerfully beneficial in alleviating a variety of chronic discomforts related to muscle strain, cramps, arthritis and other joint pains.

The science behind meditation:

90% of people reach a theta brainwave state if they float 3 times in 3 weeks.  A theta brainwave state is essentially a meditative state.

Many studies have demonstrated that meditation can rewire how the brain responds to stress. Boston University researchers showed that after one time three and a half hour meditation training session, subjects tend to react less to emotionally charged images. Other research suggests that meditation improves working memory and executive function.  Harvard researcher Sara Lazar recently conducted a study at Massachusetts General Hospital over an eight week period and concluded that meditation actually rebuilds grey matter in the brain.

A common misconception about meditation is that it is challenging; however, Float Therapy can enable the average person to achieve meditative states (alpha and theta brainwave states) with little to no experience or knowledge of meditation.  In conjunction with the in-float guided meditations offered as a music option during your float, it becomes even easier for you to experience a deep meditative state.

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