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Help your loved one’s back on the clutter in their life and their mind with a clear float spa gift certificate for any occasion.

If you’re struggling to find the right gift for the person who either has everything, or you think could do with fewer things altogether, give them the gift of focus, restoration, relaxation and mediation that leave them with long-lasting benefits to their well being.

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Why Float? Here are some important Benefits

Floating is for everyone!

The first thing to know — something you’ve likely already considered if you’re reading this — is that sleep is absolutely critical to our overall health. Our bodies and minds can’t operate properly without sufficient sleep. Not enough downtime due to work or kids, too much stress, and poor conditions…

Business people, working professionals and business owners often find themselves under immense stress from the pressures of their everyday lives. You might be so focused on your work that you begin to neglect your two greatest tools for success: Your body and mind. Instead of letting your routine wreak havoc…

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